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Hornsman Coyote

genre: reggae, dub, hip-hop

country: Serbia

shows: 82

date/period: 15.02.2008 - 27.10.2010


Coming from Belgrade Serbia, Hornsman Coyote started to be present on the local scene very young playin trombone,bass, guitars for many BG bands. In early 90s he joined a well known band Eyesburn with whom he toured the whole Europe and had a several very sucesfull releases in the region of ex YU countries.

Nowadays H.C. is present and starting to be known on the worldwide dub reggae scene by doin collaborations and releases of instrumental trombone tracks with producers like Ras Muffet,Jah Works UK, Jerry Lions, Repentance music, Dubmatix...

In 2007, Polish label Karrot Kommando released his debut vocal album under tittle WHAT NEXT, this cd is produced mainly by Serbian producers like Wikluh Sky, mc Milovan...featuring also a few tracks produced by Neil Pech Abassi all stars.The next album called SELF DEFEND YOU should be expected through the Karrot Kommando in early 2010.

Hornsman have a big will for tourin,in last 3 years he performed in countries like Ethiopia, Mexico, Poland, France, Italy, CHR, Germany, Lethonia, Latvia and all former Yougoslav republics. He passed through a lot of festivals and club sessions sharing stages with artists like Dub Syndicate, Misty in Roots, Iration Steppas, Mykal Roze, Rankin Joe...

Hornsman Coyote releases....

  • Father Judge/Father Horns...Roots Injection 10inch
  • Walk with Jah/Return of the Warriors...Jah Works 12inch
  • Riddim of life/Horn of Africa...Jah Works 12inch
  • Sign of the times/Warning...Repentance music 12inch
  • What next...Karrot Kommando cd
  • Iriness/Irie Pilot...Irie Ites Germany 7inch
  • My son riddim/T bone dub...Greenyard records 10inch

Soon come...

  • Brass Roots...Jah Works cd/lp
  • Self defend you...Karrot kommando cd

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Past gigs:
 15.02 Fr.  Wrocław, Łykend
 16.02 Sa.  Warszawa, Depozyt 44
 04.04 Fr.  Warszawa, Stodoła
 05.04 Sa.  Sanok, Pani K.
 06.04 Su.  Przemyśl, Muha
 08.04 Tu.  Olsztyn, Molotov
 10.04 Th.  Poznań, Stare Kino
 16.08 Sa.  Warszawa, Plan B
 22.08 Fr.  Bielawa, Reggae Dub Festival + Karrot Riddim Band
 03.10 Fr.  Kikinda (Serbia), Terra Rossa
 10.10 Fr.  Banja Luka (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
 11.10 Sa.  Kranj (Slovenia), Izbruh
 13.10 Mo.  Ljubljana (Slovenia), Channel 0
 18.10 Sa.  Warszawa, CDQ
 19.10 Su.  Gdynia, Ucho
 22.10 We.  Olsztyn, Molotov Cafe
 23.10 Th.  Kraków, Krzysztofory
 24.10 Fr.  Zielona Góra, Roksana
 25.10 Sa.  Tychy, Kloster Pub
 26.10 Su.  Zakopane, Ampstrong
 30.10 Th.  Katowice, Cogitatur
 31.10 Fr.  Dresden (Germany), Puschkin
 01.11 Sa.  Praha (Czech Republic), Cross Club
 02.11 Su.  Berlin (Germany), YAAM
 06.11 Th.  Vilnius (Lithuania), Muse
 07.11 Fr.  Rīga (Latvia), Depo
 08.11 Sa.  Kaunas (Lithuania), O'live
 12.03 Th.  Beograd (Serbia), SKC +Soulfly
 13.03 Fr.  Ruma (Serbia), Caffe Mystic
 15.03 Su.  Sofija (Bulgaria), Universiada Hall +Soulfly
 16.03 Mo.  Sofija (Bulgaria), Stroeja
 25.03 We.  Wrocław, Włodkowica 21
 26.03 Th.  Kraków, Krzysztofory
 27.03 Fr.  Olsztyn, Molotov
 28.03 Sa.  Warszawa, CDQ
 02.04 Th.  Katowice, Cogitatur
 03.04 Fr.  Zielona Góra, Roksana
 04.04 Sa.  Szklarska Poręba, Jazgot
 09.04 Th.  Poznań, Piwnica 21
 10.04 Fr.  Legnica, A2
 16.04 Th.  Lublin, Archiwun
 17.04 Fr.  Łódź, Bagdad Cafe
 18.07 Sa.  Pula (Croatia), "Seasplash Festival "
 14.08 Fr.  Ostróda, "Ostróda Reggae Festiwal"
 21.08 Fr.  Wadowice, "Reggae Most"
 22.08 Sa.  Pszczyna
 30.08 Su.  Warszawa, "Warszawa Bez Granic"
 08.10 Th.  Kraków, Krzysztofory
 09.10 Fr.  Łódź, Zapiecek
 10.10 Sa.  Tychy, Kloster Pub
 31.10 Sa.  Veracruz (Mexico), "Natural Mystic Festival"
 07.11 Sa.  D.F. México (Mexico), "Vibraciónes de América"
 13.11 Fr.  Tuxtla Gutiérrez (Mexico), Candy Flip Club
 14.11 Sa.  San Cristóbal de las Casas (Mexico)
 20.11 Fr.  Cuernavaca (Mexico)
 21.11 Sa.  D.F. México (Mexico), Umbral
 27.11 Fr.  Cholula (Mexico), "Mictlan Dub Fest"
  Puebla (Mexico), Ciudad
 28.11 Sa.  D.F. México (Mexico), "Mictlan Dub Fest"
 31.12 Th.  Pula (Croatia)
 08.04 Th.  Beograd (Serbia), Dom Omladine
 22.04 Th.  Warszawa, 1500m2 do wynajecia
 23.04 Fr.  Wrocław, Łykend
 24.04 Sa.  Szklarska Poręba, Jazgot
 26.04 Mo.  München (Germany), Babalu
 28.04 We.  Detmold (Germany), Alte Pauline
 29.04 Th.  Berlin (Germany), Spielraum
 30.04 Fr.  Zielona Góra, Roksana
 08.07 Th.  Novi Sad (Serbia), "Exit Festival"
 23.07 Fr.  Kortemark (Belgium), "Irie Vibes Festival" + Jah Works
 24.07 Sa.  Kortemark (Belgium), "Irie Vibes Festival" + Seventh Sense Band
 13.08 Fr.  Ostróda, "Ostróda Reggae Festival" + Sun El Band
 15.08 Su.  Ostróda, "Ostróda Reggae Festival"
 22.08 Su.  Benicàssim (Spain), "Rototom Sunsplash" + Digital Dubs
 27.08 Fr.  Brzeszcze, "Rock Reggae Festival" + Sun El Band
 28.08 Sa.  Bratislava (Slovakia), "Uprising Reggae Festival"
 29.08 Su.  Zoetermeer (Netherlands), "Rastaplas" + Digital Dubs
 04.09 Sa.  Amsterdam (Netherlands), Dubchamber + Digital Dubs
 10.09 Fr.  Berlin (Germany), "Berlin Dub Festiwal"
 11.09 Sa.  Den Haag (Netherlands), PIP Kazerne + Digital Dubs
 26.10 Tu.  Tesaloniki (Greece)
 27.10 We.  Athina (Greece)
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Movies connected with Hornsman Coyote:
Hornsman Coyote's available songs:
no.   name time price buy download preview
Cool Steppa (Wikluh Sky)
2m 58s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Don't Push Fire
5m 00s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Glow Jah Light (feat. MC Milovan)
3m 54s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Healing Force (feat. MC Milovan)
3m 56s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
3m 20s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
In The Zone (feat. Mr Reggaenerator)
4m 00s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Love Is On (Abassi All Stars feat. Hornsman Coyote)
4m 34s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Mafia (feat. Wikluh Sky)
3m 25s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Morning Star (Abassi All Stars feat. Hornsman Coyote)
5m 50s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Nobody (Abassi All Stars feat. Hornsman Coyote)
3m 21s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Settle My Feeling
3m 04s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Stay Human (Abassi All Stars feat. Hornsman Coyote)
3m 56s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Stay With Jah (feat. MC Milovan)
2m 51s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
Truth And Rights
3m 30s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona
What Next? (feat. Wikluh Sky)
4m 08s 1,99zł
ikonamp3ikonaflac ikona

Music of Hornsman Coyote released by Karrot Kommando:

Self Defend You

format: album

label: AKW Karrot Kommando

catalogue nr: KK31

release date: 2010

compact disc: 30,00zł

What Next?

format: album

label: AKW Karrot Kommando

catalogue nr: KK18

release date: 2008

compact disc: 30,00zł

audio files: 1,99zł/22,35zł


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Karrot Day na Ostróda Reggae Festiwal

added: 10.08.2010 Tu.

Podczas najważniejszego festiwalu reggae w Ostródzie będziemy świętować pięciolecie oficjalnego istnienia Karrot Kommando.

Gdzie znajdziecie Coyote'a?

added: 03.06.2010 Th.

W związku z licznymi zapytaniami o dostępność płyty Hornsmana Coyote "Self Defend You" informujemy, że płyta jest z pewnością dostępna w poniżej podanych miejscach.

The second album of Hornsman Coyote

added: 23.03.2010 Tu.

"Self Defend You means to give a helping hand, defend and take care of each other in this world of mental, spiritual and material corruption that I and I call Babylon."

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